In the Otok held Gastro exhibition “Fairytale flavors Međimurja”

Numerous educational and promotional activities, the Association of Caterers Međimurja seeks to improve the offer and service end “Between the Mura and Drava” which is dialed offer of food and drinks, and excellent service has become recognizable across our country.

In order to promote and protect the old traditional dishes and their presentation through tourism northernmost Croatian County Association of Caterers Međimurja is supported by the Tourist Board of Međimurje County on Friday, March 22 at the restaurant “Prepelica” in the island near Prelog organized sixth Gastro exhibition – Fairytale flavors Međimurja 2013.

– Six years ago we started with the organization of the first Gastro exhibition. The goal that we have set ourselves then, slowly realized. For more and more people Međimurje becomes a desirable tourist and gastronomic destination. Keeps the tradition, but are monitored and contemporary trends.

We adapt to each other and work together, because the only way we can reach concrete results – said Dragica Horvat, president of the Association of Innkeepers Međimurja during the grand opening event of colors, flavors and aromas of traditional Međimurje cuisine where their specialties presented  “Park” from Cakovec and Breakfast “Ilonka” from Mursko Središće, City cafe “Hunter” from Prelog, Restaurant “quail” from the Island, Restaurant “Kristal” from Cakovec, Restaurant “Međimurski court” of Lopatinec, Restaurant “Hunting yard “from Cakovec, Trattoria Rustica from Cakovec and Café” Argentina “from Kuršanec.

This year, a very important link between the presented dishes was međimurska tradition. On the tables of exhibitors were traditional dishes presented in their original form, but also in creative forms and compounds adapted to the demands of today’s culinary trends.

Each of caterers in their menu is displayed should have at least one dish in which it is used or buckwheat porridge, which the chefs was a real challenge, however, were on exhibition tables could taste sour soup made from buckwheat, buckwheat porridge with bacon, filled with buckwheat pulp filling the turkey and chicken roulade and roasted duck. The guests were able to taste Faširanci, biscuits, bread, pasta and pancakes buckwheat, and are particularly attractive were buckwheat trepa with apples and pie with buckwheat porridge.

Caterers were selected wines joined the Association growers and winemakers Međimurja “Hortus Croatiae” Workshop cake “Monica” from Ivanovca offered cake and traditional Međimurje cakes and OPG “Petkovic” from Šenkovec homemade liqueurs and brandy.

Tasted and goat cheese Dairy “pungent” OPG Zadravec from Oporovca ​​and domestic Stone (pumpkin seed) oil OPG “Biber”  from Podturn and  FFH and “Mary Patafta”  from Cirkovljan. There were young and hospitality power,  high school students Prelog  demonstrating flambe dishes and preparing cocktails.

Local forces were joined by colleagues from the Association of Croatian Tourism and Catering Varazdin:  Tavern “Mary”  from Hraščice with seafood specialties and  Pastry “Šešet”  from Varazdin.

Međimurskim caterers support was provided by colleagues from Karlovac, Krapina, Varazdin and Ljutomer, MP and mayor of Prelog Dragutin Glavina, deputy Medjimurje prefect Matija Posavec and many other distinguished guests.